I live simple inquiry cycles every day as I have a five year old boy who is full of questions!  It is obvious from experiencing these simple inquiries, that the more we find out the more we want to find out.  It is important to me that as an educator in a primary school setting, I never lose sight of the innate curiosity that children have.  Our challenge is to agree upon a framework for a cycle of inquiry that we can use to guide our students through their journeys of discovery.  It needs to be a cycle that acknowledges the need for explicit instruction of knowledge and skills at times, and also allows students to be active learners themselves.

What follows is a presentation of my own learning journey, in comparison with established inquiry process models.

Steps along the journey towards understanding inquiry learning.

prezi pic


2 comments on “Reflection

  1. Tanya I couldn’t agree more with your comment here about living inquiry on a daily basis with your own children at home. I feel exactly the same – both as a parent and as a former early childhood teacher, now a teacher librarian in a primary school (but heart still with early childhood years!). I made a similar comment in some of my posts – that we must capture this innate curiosity and nurture it as teachers. IBL seems to do this so well don’t you think? Now to get teachers on board with this! I also concur with your comment about deciding upon a framework. Whilst I prefer the ISP, visually I don’t find it appealing! I think for me it’s a combination of the ISP and the Alberta model – both have reflection as KEY to the whole process which has been somewhat a revelation to me. Tanya I love your use of a Prezi – visually this is a great way to display your journey and it is also a way to showcase your ICT skills.

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