photo credit: Enderst07 via photopin cc

photo credit: Enderst07 via photopin cc

Just three questions?


When I began the role of ‘teacher in the library’ or ‘teacher-librarian’ (whatever you choose to call it) 12 months ago, I had sniffs of Guided Inquiry and inquiry based learning.  I have always been interested to become more skilled in this area, but also know that there is much to learn.  In response to my readings and internet searching so far, I have more than a few questions…not just three!



1.How do I convince classroom teachers that this is a worthwhile process to go through with the students, in order to satisfy curriculum demands in what is felt by many to be a crowded timetable?

2. A boring logistical one – but one which has inquiry learning theory at its core in order to answer, I think:  Is it better to have planned sessions with classes, timetabled every week?  Or is it better to have blocks of time arranged with classes, to support them through their relevant learning process as needs require?

3.  What is the best starting point, skills wise, in introducing inquiry learning to students (and classroom teachers)?  Questioning techniques? Research skills?  Is there a list of skills students require in order to inquire successfully so we know how best to support them?



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