ILA (Independent Learning Activity)

photo credit: arjanveen via photopin cc

photo credit: arjanveen via photopin cc

Setting the context:

I work part time in a state primary school library.  My primary role is as a TEACHER librarian and have worked hard in the 12 months that I have been there to move from ‘no classes coming to the library at all’ to ‘teachers seeing library lessons (for want of a better term on my part) as part of their weekly timetable’. My goal is to move towards a flexible timetable reflecting collaboratively planned units of inquiry…slowly, slowly says the tortoise.  So this brings me to the point from which I can describe the ILA:

I am working alongside a classroom teacher who has a year 5/6 composite class.  The year six students have been my primary focus for this ILA.  The students are working through a 10 week unit of history based on the following aspect of the Australian Curriculum:


To that purpose, the classroom teacher has asked the students to ‘research a country that people have migrated to Australia from’.

My role has been to explicitly teach search strategies and literacy skills in order that they are able to seek, locate and analyse information on their chosen topic.  The classroom teacher has been the decision maker on the direction in which the research has headed, giving sub topics to research along the way.  She works with me when we are together, assisting students with their research.  Additionally, she provides follow up time to her students, back in the classroom, to continue their research.  She has also provided back up lessons to my lesson, in her classroom, on some of the micro-skills of research.

Due to the teacher-led, non student-directed nature of this ILA, I have chosen to focus my research on best practice pedagogy when delivering the Australian Curriculum: History.  Additionally, I have focused on seeking research evidence for a planned collaborative approach to guided inquiry, utilising a learning team that includes the teacher-librarian.


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