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The culture of this Masters unit has certainly been collaborative and supportive.  The Facebook page has been a godsend at times for resolving niggling problems.  I did not use the ‘Ask a dumb question’ format as much because the Facebook page was usually more immediate in response.  The camaraderie during the tutorial sessions has been fun and informative.  It has been  wonderful to know that we are all experiencing similar feelings as we work through our own learning journey. 

I started off in a peer feedback team of three people, however one team member deferred.  I will admit to feeling a little envious at the time, as I struggled to juggle study, work and life myself…but in the end there is a wonderful sense of satisfaction to have completed such a momentous task and in addition, there are the far reaching benefits to myself and my school that are gained through me doing this study. 

What follows below are examples of feedback provided to my remaining team member.  We also communicated through private message – supporting each other when things were getting stressful as well as basic feedback on editing matters. 

Re: Expert search strategies:

Your writing is enjoyable to read, Megan. I especially appreciated the element of humour in your tabulated search results. The tables were very easy to follow and provided a summary that related your information search process in a way that I could understand (and relate to!). In relation to your Google search, I can relate to your ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’ experience of searching the web.
The mind map is very attractive, and also demonstrates to us your train of thought in preparing for your ‘expert searches’. I have been liking iMindMap recently, but now I’m interested in this one – I like it’s vintage look.
Thanks for pointing out the Google ‘How to search’ page (I haven’t done my Google searches yet, at time of writing), and I will definitely be sharing this with my students as well. The pic is easier to see once you click on it – I wonder if it is possible to enlarge the image size at all, therefore negating the need to click on it. I have used ‘curriculum’ as a term with A+ but hadn’t thought to use “Australian Curriculum” so thanks for the tip there ;-)
Those are my thoughts so far, Megan. I believe you have provided clear reflections and analysis of the search strategies you have employed.

Re: Application of Information Learning Theories:

Megan, your in-depth analysis of different models shows that, throughout this process, you have built upon your own knowledge of inquiry learning. An inquiry about inquiry, so to speak! This section would be informative to any professional wishing to research inquiry based learning. I appreciated the hyperlinks in the beginning and the reminder about ILPO. Through your reflections, I can see which aspects of the models reflect your own experiences.

Re: Reflection and feedback Blog stage one:

Thanks, Megan. It is true that what is clear to one is not always clear to others. Like you, I looked up what CiteWrite had to say about annotated bibliographies, and stuck to that structure thus finding it difficult to stray too far and write too personally. However, I do wish to go back and refine it further (this being one of the reasons I have delayed submission by a couple of days!).

Re: Blog stage two Recommendations

I really like how you have broken this up into the sections. This makes it really clear and easy to understand.

Re: Information learning theories enacted

Excellent summary of your educational philosophies. Thank you, Megan!

Re: Results of data analysis

Well done, Megan. It is obvious that you have taken the time to ensure that your graphs are easy to understand. I like the idea of listing the types of statements – it helps us to feel the ILA. This, in tandem with your observations, really has given us a sense of what occurred during the ILA – bringing it to life. It is apparent that you know these students well.


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